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Thank you for visiting our FAQ guide for our shopping cart. Here you will find just about any information you may need to have a GREAT experience shopping online at Bubba's Clown Supplies.
Also, please feel free to email us at for additional help if needed.
Is your shopping cart secure?
YES! We are proud to tell you that our shopping cart is on a secure server. Your information is completely safe. We only Use PayPal and Shopify to process your Credit Card!
What if I change my mind after clicking add to cart?
No Problem. Items can be changed (Increased, Decreased or Removed) right from the cart. To Change, simply click on either the Increase, Decrease or Remove just to the right of the cost.
How can I pay for my orders?
There are several ways to use our shopping cart. 
Order by Credit Card online through our Shopify Secured Shopping Cart
Order by Using Secure PayPal Options
How do you calculate your shipping charges?
Our Shipping Rates are based on Current USPS Priority Mail Rates. Certain orders, such as Overseas, will require special quoting and do not qualify for the rates listed below! Please contact us at for more information. If there is an overcharge in shipping of more than $4.00, in most cases, we will refund the difference. Especially if the item will fit in a Flat Rate Envelope. 
Is my credit card charged as soon as I finish the order?
Yes, because we use current Shipping Prices PayPal or Shopify will Automatically Charge Your Credit Card. This allows us to Process and ship your orders MUCH Faster! 
What do you do if what I ordered isn’t in stock?
We are proud to let you know that our new website platform will not let you order something that is out of stock! This will save quite a few headaches for not only you the customer but for us in the office as well! If there is an item that your are wanting that is out of stock please click pink the contact us tab on the right side of the page OR call us at (478) 733-8347! We will be happy to let you know when we will have that particular item in stock again! 
Shipping & Handling Fees for USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Perto Rico, APO & FPO
We ship via U.S. Postal Service "Priority Mail"
All overseas orders are shipped AIR MAIL
& require credit card for shipping.
**Effective 01/1/2015**
Up to $30.00….…….$7.67
$30.01 - $45.00…….$8.90
$45.01 - $60.00…….$9.75
$60.01 - $75.00…….$10.90
$75.01 - $90.00…….$12.75
$90.01 - $115.00…...$14.25
$115.01 - $125.00….$15.00
$125.01 to $160.00...$16.90
$160.01 to $200.00…$17.25
$200.01 to $250.00…$18.00
$250.01 to $300.00…$19.50
*These Amounts are Current Shipping Prices for U.S. Orders ONLY! Most Orders placed before 2:00 PM Eastern Time will leave the Same Day!
*International orders will be packed and the shipping cost calculated for First Class and Priority Mail (if applicable). You will be notified the additional shipping costs for the various methods available and will be able to PayPal directly the additional amount. 
Thank you again for visiting our FAQ guide to Bubba's Online Clown Supplies.
We welcome your feedback and concerns so please email us at anytime!