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"On The Road Again!" Our 2015 Convention Schedule

Below is where you will find ALL of our 2015 Convention stops! Lee and Rebecca will be at these conventions Dealing, Lecturing, or doing Both! Thank you so much for taking the time to view or 2015 Schedule! Please click the links provided to view more Convention Details! See you On The Road Again SOON! 


All Things Clown Conference

Fayetteville, Georgia

March 5th, 6th, and 7th

Featuring: Randy Christensen, Leon McBryde, Brenda Marshall, Sam T, Lee "Lew-E" Andrews, and Many Many More! 

Cost: $95.00 for two and a half days of FUN and EDUCATION! Registration also includes Lunch on Friday and Saturday AND a Banquet style dinner on Friday night! You do NOT want to Miss this DYNAMIC Training!


World Clown Association Annual Convention

Reno, Nevada

March 22nd through 26th 

Featuring: Renowned Ringling Brother's Clowns Chris and Gina Allison, Randy Christensen, Rone & Gigi,

J.T. "Bubba" Sikes, and Many Many More!

Cost: $190.00 Includes all of your Lectures, Hands on Classes, a Themed Party, Competition Entry, and SO MUCH MORE! 


Clowns of America International Annual Convention

Erie, Pennsylvania

April 20th through 26th

Featuring: Angel Ocasio, David Bartlett, Barry Mitchell, Nels Ross Cremean, and Many Many More! 

Cost: $188.00 Includes all of your Lectures, Fellowship with Friends, Themed Parties, and SO MUCH MORE!


TNT University - A Christian Clown Retreat

Toccoa, Georgia

August 3rd through 8th

Featuring: Ben and Christine Christensen, Angel Contreras, Chris and Heather Burton, Barb Field, Lee "Lew-E" Andrews, and Many Many More!

Cost: Your registration cost covers 15 meals; 5 nights' lodging; class materials, handouts and supplies; instruction and performances by experienced staff; a free training track group photo, and all other registration materials.  The total registration cost for shared occupancy (2 people to a room) at the earlybird rate is $525.00 if a deposit of at least $100.00 is mailed or paid online before February 1, 2015.  The single occupancy earlybird rate is $715.00.  From February 2 to June 27, 2015, the rate increases by $50.00 to $575.00 (shared) or $765.00 (single).  Following June 27, 2015, if there is still room available, the cost increases another $50.00 to $625.00 (shared) or $815.00 (single) per person! 



The American Clown Academy

Newark, Ohio

August 16th through 22nd

Featuring: Randy Christensen, Julie Varholdt, Alan Greenwood, Lee "Lew-E" Andrews, and Many Many More!

Cost: $499.00 ALL INCLUSIVE! The includes your meals, lodging, and TIME with some of the greatest clowns from North America and Canada! 


South East Clown Association Annual Convention

Altamonte Springs, Florida

September 9th through 13th

Featuring some of the most sought after instructors in the world! More Info to Come!


Texas Clown Association Annual Convention

Tyler, Texas

September 30th through October 4th

Featuring: Jeff Potts, Buster Balloon, J.T. "Bubba" Sikes, Kornpop Klown, Lee "Lew-E" Andrews, and Many Many More!

Cost: Before 3/31/2015 is $145.00! That includes Lectures, Hands on Classes, and SO MUCH MORE! 


North East Christian Clowns Conference

Oneonta, New York

November 4th through 7th 

Featuring: Barb Field, Hal Grant, and Lee "Lew-E" Andrews

Cost is still being determined! More Info to Come!


Mid Atlantic Clown Association Annual Convention

November 11th through 15th

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Featuring: Joe Barney, J.T. "Bubba" Sikes, Lee "Lew-E" Andrews, Steve Long, Dave Hill, and Many Many More!

Cost: $185.00 through 8/31/2015! Includes all your Lectures, Hands on Classes, Themed Parties, and SO MUCH MORE!